50 Word Exercise – Silence

Her husband chewed thoughtfully as he pored over the evening paper.

She wanted to tell him that she was lonely. That she was overwhelmed. She wanted to tell him that she missed being in love.

His eyes met hers briefly across the table.

She said, “Can you pass the salt?”

For the Weekly Writing Challenge.

144 thoughts on “50 Word Exercise – Silence

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  2. You did this extremely well. Brevity isn’t one of my strengths. It sums up all those emotions and thoughts we would like to share but it all becomes too hard.
    However, perhaps these were the first words spoken for some time and perhaps this is a new beginning.
    It reminds me of a scene in a Fish Called Wanda where John Cleese is in bed with his newspaper next to his wife Jamie Lee Curtis,

  3. Lemme try…. 😉

    The question was asked…

    Tunnel vision. Heart pounding, fingertips, cold… raise your hand, raise your hand, answer the question!

    Clenching fist, close to heart hand, eyes downward. The moment passed.

    Next paragraph.

    Next time…

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