My Blog is Having an Identity Crisis

I read some advice from a seasoned blogger today:

“Step away from your computer and really consider what describes you and your writing. Be you in your blog name; be you in your blog.”

It really got me thinking about why I’m writing. I’m not writing for commercial purposes. I’m not writing for a particular person or audience. At the risk of sounding selfish, I’m writing for me. I’m trying to discover myself, organize my thoughts, and put myself out there for the world to see.

I think it boils down to half social rebellion and half self-administered therapy.

So “Be an Amazing Wife” has become “Unleashing Me.” Because while I do want to become an amazing wife, I think what I’m writing about – and the reason I’m writing – is really less about my identity as a wife and more about my identity as… well, me. The human. And the more I wrote the less that name seems to move with me.

Unleashing Me, on the other hand, was the pen name I chose for myself. So whether I continue to write posts about vegan recipes, or happiness, or fiction, the identity of the blog will be deeply tied with my identity. So whatever changes I go through and whatever changes the blog goes through, the name can stay. I’ll be me in my blog name, and me in my blog. 🙂

The URL will change eventually. But I haven’t decided if I want my own domain yet, so. Stay tuned I guess.


5 thoughts on “My Blog is Having an Identity Crisis

  1. I do enjoy that new title. I chose Tonight at Dawn because it helps to maintain my anonymity for my actual career, but also is vague enough so I won’t be pigeon-holed into one genre or another. I’m enjoying covering all topics of interest. My writing is also for me, but I am hoping to one day be able to create a self-sustaining lifestyle through it.

    Best of luck with the blogging!

  2. I may not know you just yet, but as a huge advocate of speaking up, I must say that I am proud of you for understanding the importancce of identifying yourself as an individual, as a YOU. And then , all those other jobs like being a wife become happy “guests” in YOUR life. Looking forward to seeing you becoming unleashed. Bravo.

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